Spotted Hen Catering


 Who is the Spotted Hen?

The Spotted Hen is a full service catering company who has been creating beautiful wedding catering for our amazing clients for 20 years. We specialize in seasonal, farm to table catering, and love working with all different palettes to create amazing food and a perfect experience for all of our clients and their guests. Our mission is to provide amazing catering for people who want something unique yet classic and with amazing service.

What Service Styles do you Offer?

We offer a wide range of service options, including our package options of buffet style and family style. We also offer plated, stations, appetizer only weddings, and other custom service styles to fit any needs and wants. Our two most popular packages are the buffet style and family style, and they are outlined on our main wedding catering page. For plated, we like to take orders at the tables, so guests are able to choose from a pre set menu, which enhances their experience and allows for a more interactive and personal feeling. For custom quotes, please email us at and we’ll be happy to send you more information!

What is Included in Your Menus for Vegan and Gluten Free Guests?

Our standard packages include appetizers, two main dishes, two side dishes, a salad, and dessert, including a ceremonial cake. In addition to this, we do offer vegetarian/vegan meals for up to ten guests with no additional charge. Many of our dishes are naturally gluten free as well, but if you have a guest with special dietary needs please let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss the options.

Does Your Pricing Include Staff?

Our package pricing does include staff, yes! We will include all servers and chefs necessary to prepare and serve your guests. We also offer all set up and break down of your event, including setting the tables, and break down, including all trash removal and cleaning of the venue, along with a final walk through with venue staff to ensure all is in order before we leave. That way you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your day. Our staffing is included for up to ten hours, and we are happy to add on hours to your quote as necessary.

Does your Pricing Include Bartenders?

Bartenders do not come standard in our pricing, but we do have an amazing bar staff and would be happy to add them to your quote. Most clients prefer to provide their own alcohol, and we provide bar staff for set up, service, and break down. We are fully insured to serve a hosted bar and would love to help you create a personalized menu with signature cocktails for your day. Additionally, we are more than happy to help assist with alcohol amounts for the day so when you order you feel confident you won’t order too much or too little. We are happy to assist, but remember: you know your guests better than we do, so we ask that you take our expertise into account, but also trust your intuition.
We also offer a mixers package, which includes ice, sodas, sparkling water, garnishes, herbs, and cocktail napkins for your bar. You may order the bar package and bartenders together or separately - whatever makes the most sense and helps to streamline your day.

Do You Include Rentals?

Our standard packages do not include guest rentals. As a boutique catering company we like to focus on what we’re best at - making incredible food! That being said, we are more than happy to recommend our favorite rental companies as well as help with a rental list to get you started. We also do provide all service platters and utensils - if your wedding is buffet style we will bring buffet platters and serving utensils, and if your wedding is family style we’ll bring the family style platters and utensils. We also offer other items for service and can discuss what those items include when creating your menu.

How do We Set Up a Tasting?

To book a tasting, please contact us at and we will be happy to put together a quote and menu for your wedding. Once that is in place, we can use that menu to create a tasting menu and find a date that works for you for a tasting. We offer private tastings in Tujunga, which is just north of Burbank. We do charge $100 for tastings as they are privately held and will include the items you choose for your wedding so you can know exactly what to expect on your day. Typically tastings are held on weekdays as we have many weekend events, but we are able to make exceptions if necessary, schedule permitting.